Legalization for Italy Visa Processing & strategies

স্বল্প সময়ে ও নিখুত ভাবে ইটালি এম্বাসি, ঢাকা ( Italy Embassy, Dhaka) হতে যে কোন কাগজপত্র সত্যায়িত করার ব্যাপারে সহযোগিতা করা হয়।

This section is for legal citizen or stay permit holder in Italy who needs to certify their personal documents in order to meet legal benefits in Italy. People having valid residence permit or Italian passport, stay in Italy may need to certify personal documents, apply for legalization at Italy Embassy of Bangladesh. We help and provide all kinds of necessary support to submit ASAP. We also support all kind of documentation in Bangladesh for legalization properly.

Necessary Legalization services:

  • Birth Certificate & Police Clearance (Getting Italian Passport)
  • Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama (Relationship proof)
  • Family certificate (Relationship proof)
  • Declaration of Value (DOV) Study/ Admission to School
  • Marriage Registration
  • Birth Registration
  • Divorce Registration
  • Medical Certificate attested
  • Soggiorno / Permission of Stay
  • Procura (Power of attorney) attested
  • Legal stay permit documentation

Translation: All documents needing legalization or registration have to be translated in Italian by authorized translation centers. N.B : For Required Documents and any other inquiry Please Contract with us

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